The 2017 Volkswagen Golf R vs. the 2017 Ford Focus RS

2017 Volkswagen Golf R

2017 Volkswagen Golf R

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2017 Ford Focus RS

2017 Ford Focus RS

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Drivers across California are praising the new 2017 Volkswagen Golf R for offering some of the very best in performance, technology, design, and safety specs. Not only does this car boast a wildly powerful engine that churns out epic rates of horsepower and promises unrivaled performance, but the new VW Golf R also comes embedded with some of the most talked-about new technologies on the market. Compare the Golf R to one of its competitors, the Focus GS, to see how superior is the Golf R, and then swing by our VW Santa Monica dealership to take it out for a spin!


It’s difficult to know where to start in praising the Golf—but how about with its gorgeous design.

  • The 2017 VW Golf R – In addition to boasting smooth curves and strong lines, the new Golf R also comes with beautiful blue accent gauges and a dual exhaust with quad tips. Moreover, you’ll get keyless access with push-button start and top sport seats a striking R logo!

  • The 2017 Ford Focus RS – Yes, the Focus RS features some interior touches, including leather trimmed seating and a leather and alloy gear shift knob, but you won’t be able to look forward to the Golf’s blue accent gauges or its particular quad exhaust design.

2017 Volkswagen Golf-R


Likewise, the Golf R also boasts a slew of excellent technologies as well, including an unbeatable sound system.

  • The 2017 VW Golf R – For example, the Golf R offers up a high-performing Fender Premium Audio System that comes replete with nine speakers and a 400-watt amp that promises to crank out the tunes and blast out the bass.

  • The 2017 Ford Focus RS – Sure, the Ford Focus comes with SYNC 3 technology and a decent sound system, but it’s not going to begin to compare to the type of audio quality you can expect with Fender Premium.

2017 Volkswagen Golf-R

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In order to explore the new VW Golf R on your own time, we urge you to swing by our VW Santa Monica dealership yourself. Here, you’ll be able to take this new Golf R out on the road on your own time and experience its power, safety, and technology in your own way. Get in touch with us by completing this easy-to-use online form, and check out our financing and loan options, too. So hesitate no longer: get on down to the VW Santa Monica for the very latest in VW splendor with the new Golf R!