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It could be considered the heartbeat of your Volkswagen. Your battery is a vital part of helping you get where you want to go. Without it, you won't be going very far. That is why Volkswagen of Santa Monica has the battery you need to keep you on the road to your Southern California adventures. But, no matter how important your battery is, it doesn't always do a great job of telling you when it is almost time for a replacement. Usually, it comes too late. But the service team in Santa Monica can tell you what to watch for before that time comes.

When you bring your Volkswagen in for its regular and routine maintenance, our service team will test your battery. They know what to look for when your battery is approaching the end of its lifespan. We can hook it up and test its charge to give us a good idea of what kind of condition it is in. However, your battery will send out some red flags of its own.

Signs Your Battery Needs Replaced

So, what signs does your battery give to indicate it is going out? There are a few subtle things to keep an eye on.

  • Dim lights: If your headlights don't seem to illuminate the streets of Inglewood quite as brightly as they used to, or if you are having a hard time seeing your interior lights, then your battery is dying. It can't produce enough electricity to reach all of your electrical components.
  • There is a clicking sound when you turn the key: Because your battery sends a current all over your car, a failing battery will not send electricity to your starter solenoid. This means your car won't be starting up.
  • Press the gas pedal to start: If your car doesn't start, your first instinct may be to press on the gas. You shouldn't have to do this. Your battery is failing.
  • Sluggish Start: This is an audible cue when you turn the key in the ignition. It indicates your battery is nearing its end.

These are good things to keep an eye out for before you end up on the side of the road in Torrance. Volkswagen Santa Monica isn't the only place to check your battery. We are just a part of the LA Car Guy Family. So, if you experience any of these issues, feel free to contact our closest dealership in the Los Angeles area and have them take care of your battery before it is too late.

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Regardless if you're interested in having your car battery checked or if it's time to replace it, make a service appointment at Volkswagen Santa Monica by filling out the online scheduling form or reaching out to our team today.

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