Benefits of Owning the Volkswagen e-Golf Santa Monica CA

In general, driving an electric car has many benefits, but the e-Golf may deliver some unique benefits compared to many other electric models thanks to its inclusion in the Volkswagen Golf family and innovative Volkswagen engineering. All put together, the benefits of owning the Volkswagen e-Golf in Santa Monica CA help make the model a total package for electric vehicle drivers. See what the e-Golf can provide for you.

No gas station refueling

All-electric power means no more having to take time out of your busy day to stop for gas. You have better things to do.


Save money just by driving

No more stops at the fuel pump means more money in your pocket, meaning you basically save money just by driving. It's like magic!


Designed for impressive cargo space

In addition to being stylish, the e-Golf is designed to offer plenty of cargo space, just like the rest of the Golf family. There is no reason an electric car can't also be practical, and the e-Golf gets that.


Plenty of exciting features within a spacious interior

The electric motor isn't the only high tech feature to be found in the e-Golf. Be sure to enjoy intuitive infotainment and unique VW Car-Net connectivity while staying comfortable in your new vehicle.


Electric car tax credit and state rebate in Santa Monica CA

Buying an e-Golf means you can get a federal tax credit and take advantage of a state rebate. When you add all that up, the e-Golf really is highly affordable!


Unrivaled electric-powered excitement

Though it's electric, there is plenty of thrilling power from the electric motor's 199 lb.-ft. of torque.


Long range

You'll have plenty of power throughout the day with up to 83 miles per charge.


California HOV lane access

Since you're playing your part for the environment, you can get HOV lane access.


Environmentally friendly

Drive free knowing that the e-Golf has zero-tailpipe emissions.


Fewer maintenance needs

Forget about oil changes and exhaust system repairs while keeping more money in your bank account.



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