Brake Repair Services in Santa Monica

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When your vehicle needs maintenance like brake repair, it’s important that experienced technicians take care of the job to ensure you’re back on the road safely. Serving the Santa Monica area, we pride ourselves on our expertise not just on Volkswagen vehicles, but all makes and models. Learn why brake repair service is so important to keep up with, and then schedule your appointment to have your vehicle serviced today!

The Importance of Maintaining Your Brakes

Maximum stopping power is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s safety. Maintaining your vehicle’s braking system is integral to avoiding preventable accidents. When your brake pads wear thin, you risk not being able to stop when necessary as well as causing damage to your rotors, meaning more costly repairs down the road.

If you hear grinding or squealing when you hit the brakes, you’re in immediate need of having your brakes checked. You can inspect the depth of your brake pads by visually inspecting them behind the wheel cover. You may also need a brake fluid flush or to have your lines checked in addition to brake pad replacement or rotor resurfacing, which is where we come in to help!

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Our Service Facilities

Our experienced technicians can inspect your vehicle to evaluate what work needs to be done to have your braking system in its peak condition. In addition to brake services, we can offer you a tire inspection to see if you’re in need of new tires as well as an engine inspection to ensure there’s no other work that you need done. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and stock many of the most needed parts so that we can have you back on the road safely and efficiently. We also offer special discountsto help you save on repairs!

Have Your Brakes Serviced at Volkswagen Santa Monica Today

Let us take care of your brakes and any other repairs you need at Volkswagen Santa Monica. Our service center is located at 2440 Santa Monica Blvd. To speak with a member of our service team, call us at 855-459-9651. You can schedule your service appointment online for your convenience. Don’t wait — get your brakes fixed today!