Work With a VW Service Technician to Diagnose EPC Dashboard Warning Light

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What Is the VW EPC Warning Light

Work With a VW Service Technician to Diagnose EPC Dashboard Warning Light

The EPC warning light indicates a problem with the electronic power control (EPC) systems onboard the Volkswagen. These problems are critical as these systems power important systems such as stability control, cruise control, and other engine management functions.

You’ll likely also see additional warning lights indicated along with the EPC light due to the similarity between systems and the crucial nature of the EPC function. It’s also likely that the EPC warning will be noticed in tandem with disabled vehicle functions. It’s critical to resolve this issue as soon as possible, and Volkswagen Santa Monica is here to help.

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Get EPC Warning Light-Related Service for Your Volkswagen

What to Do about an EPC Warning Light and Next Steps

If you see your Electronic Power Control warning light lit up, it’s time to pay close attention to the problem. Your vehicle will require immediate servicing by trained technicians and should not be driven anywhere except to our dealership or to your preferred service center. Fixing the issue requires a diagnostics protocol that experienced technicians can complete for you and potential hardware repairs of the affected systems.

Please note that whether or not it is safe to drive with the EPC light on is ultimately up to you and your comfort with driving with a warning light. In some cases, it may not be possible to continue driving and your vehicle will need to be towed to a repair center. If in doubt, refer to your owner’s manual for more information about this warning light.

[See our complete guide to VW dashboard warning light meanings]

Volkswagen Santa Monica Can Help

If your EPC warning light is on, it’s time to seek assistance. At Volkswagen Santa Monica, our highly-experienced technicians can diagnose your EPC warning light and recommend critical repairs that will get your Volkswagen back on the road as quickly as possible. Schedule a maintenance or repair appointment with our dealership — we will do our best to promptly schedule your appointment and ensure your Volkswagen receives the attention it deserves.

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78 Responses to “Work With a VW Service Technician to Diagnose EPC Dashboard Warning Light”

  1. Julie says:

    I just wanna say…. this post has been the MOST informative I’ve yet to see about common reasons for EPC warning light. I am having this very issue and I have to say… I feel I now need a Engine Speed Sensor instead of the Accelerator Pedal Model. I feel this is going to save me $100!! Thank you thank you thank you. And I don’t even live in CA! You guys rock!

  2. My VW CC R-Line has the EPC light on and when ecelirating feels like it is skipping a gear and then shaking badly as if it is in the wrong gear. Please help, car parked on side of road. Thank you.

  3. Ali says:

    Took my Golf Polo model 2012 to car diagnostic over a year trying to resolve the problem “EPC” light.
    Here a list of things they told me to change and i did but the light still comes on

    Body throttle
    Acceleration pedal
    All the injectors
    Camblet kit
    pencil ignition coil
    Two sensors located under the engine
    Changed the brakes
    The black air box next to the body throttle.

  4. elena says:

    I am having the same problem. Someone just replaced my brakes.

  5. alpesh says:

    try changing the place of the throttle sensor. I had same problem for 3 yrs. in my Jetta, from the day of purchase. VW mechanics changed the place of the troubling sensors. no problem since then. since last 2 yrs. It took 3 yrs to locate the problem and i was frustrated meantime.

  6. aaron says:

    I just change my spark plugs on my 2010 VW CC luxury 2.0 Turbo and even though when you buy the spark plugs it says that they’re properly Gap they werent and it cause my EPC light to come on and to get it shut off they said to go to the Volkswagen dealership to get it done

  7. Sarah says:

    I haven’t found it anywhere that an EPC light can mean a bad timing chain and guides. Anyone experience this? Our Passat has 106,000 miles. It’s a very expensive fix. Thanks

  8. Adam says:

    My 2016 Jetta just had this same issue. The service dept is telling me that because it had just 20 miles to empty on the tank, this could have triggered something. I’m skeptical of that reply. I was cruising at about 70mph, and the power just cut out. No acceleration. The engine didn’t die completely, and I was able to drive it down the road to my office and park it. I know it’s not the best thing for a car to run it down that low on gas, but I have never had an issue the few times I have done it. Any thoughts?

  9. Bandie says:

    Hi guys

    I have the same problem as Richard McCanna’s cc with my Passat 1.8 tsi. Please let me know how it can be attanded

  10. Satus says:

    Pls my vw jette is having EPC problem d engin is very sound but just d EPC light dat comes up pls i need an adviser

  11. Jim Boyle says:

    I have a 2016 Jetta hybrid with just under 20,000 miles on it. Three days ago my check engine light came on and then today the EPC light started flashing and then went solid. The car didn’t stop running but there was no power even with the accelerator pedal fully depressed. I shut off the car and upon restart the light had reset and I was able to go on my way. 45 minutes later, while driving at about 70 mph with cruise control on the light came on again and again, no power to accelerate and the car’s speed would decrease until the incline in the road would decrease allowing the cruise control to take it back up to 70mph. I found a safe place to stop, shut the car off and reset the EPC, then restart it and took it to the dealer. It’s there now so I’ll see what the problem is. Wish me luck.

  12. jason says:

    Jim I’m having the exact same problem with my scirocco. Did you find out what the problem was and was it costly?
    Cheers jason

  13. Christopher Cates says:

    I am having an issue with my 2001 passat!! It won’t start with the key but I can pop clutch start it. I already eliminated the ignition switch and relay. My EPC light is on and I’m thinking it has something to do with it. I have been told it’s the starter the neutral safety switch but I can’t locate it. Its a v six five speed glx. I just bought the car and already regretting it. Can some one please help me out. I know nothing about VW. The car won’t even turn over I turn the key and nothing I do hear an electrical crackle sizzle noise though by the computer. Fml any opinions or pointers would be appreciated.

  14. Penny says:

    I just took my 2015 Jetta GLI in for the 20,000 mile service and a recall issue.well when I got it back I called the dealer they told me that it’s reason to be concerned.well I took it right back to them they hooked it up said it was giving all kinds of unknown codes..they reset it and…well guess we’ll see what happens in the next few days

  15. Penny says:

    I just took my 2015 Jetta GLI in for the 20,000 mile service and a recall issue.well when I got it back I called the dealer they told me that it’s reason to be concerned.well I took it right back to them they hooked it up said it was giving all kinds of unknown codes..they reset it and…well guess we’ll see what happens in the next few days…also having trouble with alarm going off when driving down the road…Windows rolling down by themselves….Trunk opening… key not in range issue…got both keys in car with me….

  16. Penny says:

    I just took my 2015 Jetta GLI in for the 20,000 mile service and a recall issue.well when I got it back the EPC light came on so I called the dealer they told me that it’s reason to be concerned.well I took it right back to them they hooked it up said it was giving all kinds of unknown codes..they reset it and…well guess we’ll see what happens in the next few days…also having trouble with alarm going off when driving down the road…Windows rolling down by themselves….Trunk opening… key not in range issue…got both keys in car with me…bUT because it’s not doing this now when they drive it they can’t find the problems……

  17. Kainos Mare says:

    I my vw golf fsi 2.0 its at 90 000 milage and i haven’t had a problem with the engine since i bought it.My engine check light became on at 65000 milage now my Epc light is on ,the ecelarator has got power .I shut off the engine and restart again and it went off but after 45 mins of my drive its on ,

  18. Sheri Pleasant says:

    So, was your VW doing some sort of hesitation while driving, as if no gas was flowing through the line?
    This is what my car is doing so Im thinking its the Sensor also.

  19. Richard says:

    2009 Tiguan 2.0 L TSI. From a smooth idle 800 rpm in neutral, slowly increasing rpm to 1100 the engines starts to sound like a diesel, increase rpm further to 1500 and diesel sound goes away and epc light turns on or a second then turns off. Code P0341 pending is set in the computer. This engine has had a timing chain tensioner replaced after it failed along with the chain, guides, and intake and exhaust valves. What controls the setting of the EPC light.

  20. Nita says:

    I have been having some problems with my 2010 Volkswagen cc. I saw the EPC light come on and there was some hesitation to accelerate when I hit the gas. So I took it in to the VW service department and was told that I need a crankcase breather valve and a turbo cutoff valve. they replace the crankcase breather valve but I was told that turbo charger was too damaged and I would have to replace the whole thing instead of just replacing the valve which is $2200. Does this expensive part usually need to be replaced, I mean the whole thing?

  21. Gabe says:

    My 2011 VW CC just had the EPC and check engine light come on as I was trying to pass someone. Immediate power loss, excessive vibration, and felt like the engine was having trouble shifting gears.

    The dealer mentioned that everything is back to normal after replacing the ignition coils and the exhaust manifold, but luckily still under warranty.

    Also had some other issues reported like cracked radiator mount ($1400!) that is not covered, but I want to take a closer look at some of those items.

  22. Lisa says:

    I have a 2013 VW Beetle. I have had a problem with my car since it was 6 months old. It gasps for air so bad I think it’s going to die. It really is scarry to drive sometimes. The dealer could never find anything wrong with it because no code or light came on the dashboard. Now after it’s out of warranty I bet they will find the problem.

  23. Dan says:

    I have been having issues constantly with this epc crap, 4th set of plugs and 2nd on coils all under a year, its happening again starts and sounds like a harley chenged the throttle body last summer also and it just runs extremely rough no shops or the vw dealer can give me an honest fix ive spent 2,200$ on this and wonder what i should do? Help me!

  24. Daniel hawk says:

    I have another issue if someone could help me out when i go to start my car it seems like the fuel pump or suction isnt staying pumped with gas i have to cycle the key 3 times to pump up the gas and then it starts otherwise if i just start it, it cranks and cranks and cranks then starts i need some help!#2

  25. Luke says:

    Hi Alpesh… My jetta 2.0L 2011 has been having the same problem for like over a year. It’s a ON\OFF problem and i was wondering how to fix it. I’m gonna try changing the throttle sensor position since it seems it fixed your problem. I hope it’s gonna fix mine before bying all the other sensors people talked about here (just dont wanna ruin myself haha!) :O i’ll let you know if it does the job!!

  26. Jose angel Velazquez says:

    I have 2001 VW golf gti vr6 … its cranks over there’s spark and fuel pressure i just cleaned the masflow air sensor and the throttle body too ..also the brake light switch is good I changed the camshaft sensor. Havent changed the speed sensor.. but if i do and it still wont turn on … what would be my other options. I ran out of money need help

  27. Ruan says:

    My EPC light comes on when I half turn the key in the ignition and goes away when I start the car is that normal?

  28. Sam says:

    I have the 2009 VW Tiguan. I have just spent £4,000 on repairs for this problem. I am driving at speed on the motorway and then I lose power. The EPC light comes on and says ‘Engine fault – workshop’ on the digital display. I have replaced sensors, throttle body, fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs and many other items, fixed the problem for a few weeks although engine sounds really rough and shakes on acceleration. Last week EPC light came on again, lost power etc, had it towed to garage. They cleaned the throttle body and that solved the EPC light but drives really rough and still shakes on acceleration.
    I think what it needs is a large can of petrol and a match 🙁

  29. jay says:

    this just happened yesterday. i drove my car to the store and stopped and turned off the car to check the mail. I went to turn the car back on and it started but when i went to accelerate there was no power. i turned it off turned back on and it did the same thing but it died. i tried to start it and it makes this loud cranking sound like it is not getting gas or there is no gas going to the spark plugs to fire up the car. i put oil and it had half a tank left in gas. but my epc light engine light and battery light are all on when the key is inserted.

  30. Beth says:

    Hi, Richard.
    The same thing you described just happened to me today. I’m being told it’s the throttle body. My trusty repair shop is replacing as I text. Total cost $990.00. Hope this helps 🙂

  31. marge says:

    Epc light comes on n car dies then 2 hourd later car runs whats the problem

  32. tugrul says:

    hi all
    can you help me soneone please

    i have 2011 passat cc 1.8 fsi. when i accelarete to 160 km than it comes epc fault. when we connect the car to the computer as a problem shows oil pressure sensor although we changed the sensor
    ,filter, oil sealing part,oil pump also we checked electrical parts the proplem is still going on .can you help me somone please?

  33. Kenny says:

    Do not simply on vw parts….. If they do work they will fail. I tried it with my fuel pump, didn’t work

  34. Kenny says:

    Do not buy the cheap stuff

  35. carlos m says:

    My epc light came on in my vw cc 2011 and I ended up replacing the coil pack. Over the course of 6 months I ended up replacing 3 of the 4.

  36. Ariadna says:

    Hi! Im new on it, i’d changed the stops ligths on my 2008 jetta for a new one of led, and the EPC on the dashboard turn on. What can i do? Do i have to return to the originals ? Its gonna be a problemas if i let them?

  37. Kerry says:

    Try the engine temperature coolant sensor !
    Mine even had a new ECU turns out was a £20 sensor

  38. hamza says:

    My epc light comes on and goes off as it pleases, it has days where it doesn’t come on at all and other days where it comes on quite frequently. when the epc light comes on if I turn the key to the last click before starting the actual engine and leave it like that for 3 minutes before turning the car on the light disappears. when the epc light comes on the car looses power and starts revving below 1000 rpm. I have a mk6 golf 1.6 petrol with a dsg gearbox. I have taken it to mechanics who say the problem could be the throttle body as this is common with the epc light however the throttle body is brand new as they have told me. I have plugged into the diagnostics machine which says “throttle/pedal position sensor/switch a circuit range/performance” and “throttle actuator control range/performance bank 1” what does this mean????

  39. Ace says:

    Bad injector

  40. Ace says:

    I mean ignition coil….

  41. Unni says:

    When I remove the ignition key the epc lamp and the oil law lamp lights up. When I start the car all is normal and it drives normal I don’t loose power or anything. So I was driving for around 6 months or so. Now my brakes on one of the back wheel is jammed so I took it to my friend with a car workshop I found my brake shoe is completely finished on one off the back wheel. So I think when I remove the ignition key the brake is jammed to cause the lights to lit up on the dash board. Tommorow Im replacing the complete brake clove and the shoes. I have seat Leon 20v from 2001

  42. Tee says:

    Yes! Just had my brake master cylinder replaced on my 2009 VW Jetta. Now the Epic light is on.

  43. Sarah says:

    Same problem – ignition coils needing replacing

  44. Stephen says:

    It is normal for all the dashboard light to come on when you put the key into the run position. After a few seconds, they should all turn off except the alternator light (battery symbol) and the check engine light. When you go to start the vehicle, both these lights should turn off too, leaving you with a clear instrument panel.
    I am having the same issue as you are. When the key is inserted and turned to the run position, my check engine light, alternator light, and EPC light all stay on (along with the airbag light, but that’s been there for months). The EPC light should not be staying on. When I start the vehicle (a 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle (1C1) L4-1.8L Turbo (APH)), the EPC light and the alternator light turn off. The check engine light and the airbag light are still on, but like I said, that problem has been there for a while.

    So to answer your question: no, that isn’t normal. Considering the EPC light turns off after the engine is running, your problem probably isn’t a major one, but depending on how well you want your vehicle to run, you may want to check it out.

  45. Stephen says:

    If your engine is running roughly upon acceleration, what is it like under idle or revving? If it is smoother with higher revs, your problem is almost certainly a cylinder misfire. Like Sarah said, the problem is probably the ignition coil for one of the spark plugs (the coil transforms the battery power into high voltage, to create a spark across the plug gap). I have a 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle (1C1) L4-1.8L Turbo (APH), and in the past year or so, I have had to replace two of the coils (they seem to wear pretty quickly). However, I would recommend you check to find what the problem really is. It could be a dirty spark plug, lack of fuel pressure in one of the fuel lines running to the engine, or many other things. If you simply replace an ignition coil, and the problem persists, you’ve wasted money on a job that didn’t need doing.

  46. david says:

    Your Comment:i have a problem with my jetta 1.4 tsi highline 2011 which is loosing power even after the turbocharger was repaired.the car was tested on the diagnostic machine and nothing wrong was with advice in south africa

  47. Jackie turner says:

    My EPC LIGHT comes on after I’ve been driving and turn my car off the light will come on and my car will not start back up

  48. Nicole says:

    (2011 Tiguan) My EPC and engine lights went on with the same symptoms – loss of power, shuddering while depressing accelerator, light turned off once but now stays on. I am told that I need to replace the engine coils and the spark plugs and that should fix the issue. $526 later…

  49. Idris says:

    I have the same problem EPC showing on can you tell me what you did so its gone away

  50. SAME here. What was wrong? Just go to my brakes changed and now the EPC is on and the steering wheel is harder to handle? And my speedometer isn’t working. Literally says 0 as I’m driving down the highway

  51. Rebecca says:

    I have purchased a 2004 1.6 VW Beetle, 70k miles, fsh, running fine, until we noticed strong fumes when reversing or when A/C is off. Yesterday we couldn’t open the boot with the key or lever, then when taking it out, the EPC light came on, engine warning light and it was after we washed it and pumped up the tyres. Can anyone suggest a reason for the EPC light? Also, as it’s new year, the garages are all closed

  52. Ange says:

    I had the same problem and mine continued to get worse and worse until it started randomly shutting off and eventually wouldn’t run at all. After taking it to 3 different VW dealers and getting 3 different answers, I gave up…..but I ran into this kid who worked at VW for a short period of time and he volunteered to take a look. I definitely wasn’t expecting him to figure it out since VW themselves couldn’t agree on the issue, but he quickly diagnosed it as the fuel pump sensor. So I ordered the part, he put it on and it runs just fine with no issues now.

  53. Carlos arroyo says:

    Have a 2012 beetle turbo epc light came on this past Sunday idle is rough on ecelaration trans feel like it’s skipping or not maintaing gear engine light is on and flashing while trying to move car I thought these vw cars are reliable im not rich or have money to repair car car has roughly 65000 miles on it please help my wife won’t even touch the car she is scared of it

  54. Brent says:

    If there’s oil on your cool packs you have to replace your valve cover seal I had this problem no light though just ran like shit and I hobbled it home and got other cool packs till someone else helped me with this issue but I just was coming down the mountain from snowboarding and I lost throttle response and power brakes and now it won’t start lol

  55. Brent says:

    Coil packs *

  56. Steven says:

    I just had my breaks replaced in my 2012 CC and my EPC light is on – no power and shakes like crazy. Does anyone that had this issue have any information on what was wrong with their car. It seams like every time I have a major repair on my VW at the dealership (Not VW of Santa Monica), I have to take it back to VW for another issue with in two weeks. This is the third time – seams to have a major repair every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

  57. Mitchell Roberts says:

    Not sure if you got this fixed yet or not but your problem is a wheel speed sensor without a doubt. It is possible that your wheel speed sensor does not have the proper gap, or that the actual sensor or wires for it are faulty.

  58. Jose says:

    I have a jetta 06 and I switched the battery last week and the next day or so the epc turned on. The problem is when I accelerate it takes forever to switch gears thank you I’m at 137k miles

  59. Tris says:

    What was the problem??

  60. rick Presley says:

    2010 vw cc – press key in to start and it dies immediately. EPC light is one and ESP light is one. Message center says check engin soon, and emergency break error. Any thoughts.

  61. dani says:

    Can u please give me the contact details of the young machanic that worked on your epc and where he is from please…I got a same proble

  62. sbonelo says:

    I don’t know wat to do no. I replaced the 4 coil pacs and the spark plugs

  63. sbonelo says:

    Polo 1.6 2013 model,I don’t know wat to do now. I replaced the 4 coil pacs and the spark plugs but the EPC light is still comming on, and if i start the car i start like the battery is very flat but end up starting

  64. Richard chauke says:

    I drive vw golf 6 2010 model when I accelrate the car shakes and loose power , what would be the cause? Please help

  65. JK says:

    Hi, I bought a VW 2011 from a dealer and within 24 hours of buying it, it stopped working- It just cranked but did not start. The next week we got the fuel pump and the fuel regulator changed ($600). Then it worked for a few days and stopped starting. It would crank but not start. Then we got the throttle cleaned. The very same day, it cranked but would not start. It has been 1 month since I bought this car but never got the satisfaction of driving it as a problem free car. Today the ECM light, check engine light and the battery light started when I put the keys in. Again-it just cranked but would not start. Usually the lights just start when you put the keys in, but they go when the car starts. But since the car did not start, are these lights (or rather just these three lights went on) an indicator of something? Any suggestions? I could really use some suggestions if you have been through the same trouble. Thanks in advance.

  66. Francisco says:

    same problem with my 2013 VW Jetta 2.5 SE some time when I step on the accelerator it stop as if there’s no gas but it is full tank some time I see the EPC warning light at my dash board what’s my problem

  67. Camz says:

    Hey I have a golf 5 2.0 the epc light and tracation control light stays on car idles normal but when I try to hit the accelerator pedal theres no response please help.Bought a new accelerator pedal nothing happened yet.Thanks

  68. Anthony says:

    Did you find the cause? My GTI is hesitant while driving and EPC light is on, HELP! Lol

  69. Anthony says:

    What was the issue with the hesitation I’m having the same issue right now!

    Anthony 202/345/7565

  70. Wandile says:

    I’ve experienced the epc light twice and on both occasions, there was huge engine damage. Once the light shows, the engine just stops idling but the car moves still to allow you drive off the highway. First it was a torn timing belt. Secondly, it was a dropped valve

  71. nate says:

    I have a 2013 Jetta and have the same problem , when turning the key it is very weak, may start or not ..I thought it was the battery but after checking it and charging it the problem was still there very weak and even the clicking while trying to start it. The EPC indicator was on by the battery indicator ..what could be the problem and how to fix this . Only problem with this car so far. Thanks.

  72. Humphrey says:

    I have a 06 VW jetta 2.5 FSI, ech time i start the car it jerks for 15 seconds before it stabilizes and sometimes goes off (even in motion sometimes). Then i hear these cranking sound at my rear tires when am on a bumpy road. My ABS and Drag light is on, EPC comes on and off at intervals. Each time i accelerate it dashboard starts vibrating at 110km

  73. Henry says:

    The EPC light can come on on a lot of different occasions, but my experience says it is mostly an electrical problem, from a broken light bulb to a bad grounding wire, broken wire or a motor that does not work correct. It sounds as you have an electrical E-brake and one or both are not working correct. It could also be a broken ABS sensor wire at one of the wheels. I would have a professional mechanic take a look at this.

  74. Marcus Cordice says:

    Dude this just happened to me my tank was on E

  75. Phumeza says:

    I’m driving vw polo vivo 2013 model , this morning I saw the EPC indicator is on , last week I change my clutch kit my pusher plate was damaged .
    So I don’t know the why im getting EPC .please advise

  76. Dan says:

    I started having a misfire so I replaced the plugs.. It’s barely drive-able now.. Do you happen to know what the proper gap is? I should have checked even though they are ‘pre gapped.” I had that issue when I put Bosh plugs in my 99 Audi.. but that was years ago.. Thanks

  77. Ellis says:

    I have an 06 polo that if just noticed the ECO light illuminated, parked up and went to reverse and everything cut out. Finally it came back on after 20 mins and it’s my brake light sensor!! No brake lights come on and I have no idea how long I have been driving for with them not working

  78. Tom says:

    My 2011 Tiguan is having the same symptoms, rattly/diesel sounding and rough from around 1100-1500rpm, with flash of ECP light, then smooths out at higher revs. Idles fine. If I disconnect the Variable Cam Adjuster wire, it runs fine. Replaced cam sensor, cam adjust solenoid and valve with no improvement. Did you ever resolve this on your car? What was the issue?