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What Does Golf GTI Stand For?

No doubt that you have heard of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, but do you know what the GTI stands for? The automotive industry likes using acronyms to describe various models whether it pertains to its intent, its design or any other reason that could be behind it. In the case of the Golf GTI, the GTI acronym signifies something to do with its performance aspect. The GTI usually stands for something along the lines of Grand Touring Injection, Gran Turismo Iniezione or some other variation of that term. In the end, it is used to signify the inclusion of a fuel injection system.  

The GTI acronym, in the past, has been used to signify a grand tourer or Gran Turismo sports car that had fuel injection. The Golf GTI name reinforces the Golf GTI’s sporty engine and performance features as well as its premium and performance driven design.

2017 VW CC Trim Levels

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2017 vw golf gti

Benefits of a Fuel Injection System

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Fuel injection systems are becoming more popular for those wanting the best performance from their engines. The main benefits of a fuel injection system is that the amount of fuel and air can be perfectly released and then injected into the cylinder according to the engine load conditions. Fuel injection results in higher power output, great fuel efficiency and much lower emissions. Fuel injection technology has become the standard for modern vehicles and in terms of the Golf GTI, the GTI acronym has become associated with the high performance of the Golf GTI.

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