VW Employees Pack Meals for Children for 2018 VW Summer of Service

By Product Expert | Posted in Volkswagen News on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 at 6:45 pm
VW Employees Volunteering with Generosity Feeds

In addition to producing innovative and high-quality cars, Volkswagen has devoted much time and resources into giving back to the community, including the annual Volkswagen Get Involved Summer of Service. For this year’s Summer of Service, Volkswagen employees around the United States volunteered with Generosity Feeds, in which they packed over 35,000 meals for impoverished children.

“Last year, our corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia hosted Generosity Feeds for a meal-packing event and it was such a success that we were thrilled to have six of our VWGoA locations from across the country join us to simultaneously create meals at their own offices to celebrate the 2018 Get Involved Summer of Service,” – Machelle Williams, Sr. Director of Diversity & CSR, VWGoA

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VW Summer of Service and Generosity Feeds

For the Summer of Service program with Generosity Feeds, meals were packed at local schools and food pantries at six different cities, including Belmont, California, Fort Worth, Texas, Herndon, Virginia, Hillsboro, Oregon, Libertyville, Illinois, and Maricopa, Arizona.

Each Volkswagen employee at the six locations had a specific job. Whether it was scooping in the ingredients or sealing the meal packs or packing the boxes full of meals, it was a total collaborative effort for a very important cause. In addition to the annual Get Involved Summer of Service, Volkswagen encourages its employees to volunteer in their communities throughout the entire year, which is supported through initiatives like providing employees with a volunteer day, in which the employee is provided a paid day off to serve in their community.

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