Volkswagen I.D. Buzz to go from concept to reality

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Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept

Volkswagen plans to produce I.D. electric concept

The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz has been one of the most talked about concept cars since its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Combining the classic Microbus with up and coming technology like autonomous driving and an electric engine, the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz is a fiercely anticipated vehicle. With recent buzz about Volkswagen working to bring the concept to production, enthusiasts have been going crazy with hope that their Microbus dreams will become a reality.  

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen chairman, has recently said that the I.D. Buzz will be an important part of the Volkswagen line up in coming years. The history and nostalgic aspect of the Microbus design makes it a contender to be a concept that becomes a reality. Diess has said that Volkswagen has recently decided to pursue building the I.D. Buzz, though he did not provide a timeline for when they would begin.

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Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Features

Volkswagen MEB Platform

A model of the MEB platform that will be used in the I.D. and I.D. Buzz.    

The Volkswagen Microbus is one of the many icons of the 60s flower power movement. The I.D. Buzz calls upon some of the same visual cues that make the original Microbus a recognizable vehicle. The electric platform means that the I.D. Buzz doesn’t need to have a cavernous space in the front, meaning that it can mimic the flat front of the original bus, which had an engine in the back.

Volkswagen is also working on the I.D. hatchback, which will launch the Volkswagen MEB platform, where two motors and a 110-kilowatt per hour battery pack sit below the body of the vehicle, opening up the interior space. This platform, which should be ready for production by 2020, will be able to be used with the I.D. hatchback, the I.D. Buzz, and any other vehicle body that fits on the platform.

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