The Petersen Automotive Museum in LA Features an Electrified 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus

By Product Expert | Posted in News on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 at 4:53 pm
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The Volkswagen Type 2 Bus has a loyal following of passionate automotive enthusiasts, with its iconic styling and association with the counterculture movement of the 1960s. Recently, Volkswagen has been making a major push for electrification, with many planned electric-powered vehicles in the upcoming years. To showcase the possibilities of automotive electrification, Volkswagen partnered with conversion specialist EV West to modify a 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus with an all-electric powertrain. 

Electrified 1972 VW Type 2 Bus at the Petersen Automotive Museum 

The electrified 1972 VW Type 2 Bus is on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  It has an electric powertrain from a VW e-Golf, housed in the rear compartment of the vehicle. With a synchronous AC permanent magnet electric motor and a 35.8 kWh battery system, it provides an estimated range of 125 miles. The original VW Type 2 Bus had an air-cooled 60-horsepower four-cylinder engine. 

“Their passion for classic-car culture and commitment to renewable energy made EV West the ideal choice for this project. We thought, who better to see if the e-Golf powertrain would be the perfect fit for our older vehicles. It’s great to see that the spirit of hot rodding is going to live on into the electric age.” – Mathew Renna, VP G4, Volkswagen North American Region 

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Electric powertrain in a modified 1972 VW Type 2 Bus_o

Special Design Modifications for the Electrified 1972 VW Type 2 Bus 

The majority of the design elements of the electrified 1972 VW Type 2 Bus remain the same, with a few special modifications. This includes a classically styled multi-function digital EV gauge in the dashboard, custom-engineered enclosures for the battery units, and a regenerative braking mode for the long-throw shifter.  

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