Use These Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Car’s Gas Mileage

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 at 5:39 pm
Is It Possible to Improve Your Car's Gas Mileage?

Is It Possible to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage?

Gas prices frequently fluctuate, but no matter how low they get, many drivers always want to find ways to cut down on gas costs. So is it possible to improve your car’s gas mileage without having to buy or lease a brand new fuel efficient model?

Generally speaking, no, it won’t be possible to boost the fuel economy on your car. As long as it is being properly maintained and the parts are in optimal condition, there is no magical cure for a low efficiency vehicle. That being said, there are things you can do to ensure you are getting the best fuel efficiency possible out of your vehicle, and it all comes down to maintenance and driving habits in your Volkswagen.

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10 Tips for Getting the Best Gas Mileage Possible in Your Car

  1. pumping gas at gas station in blue carFollow the speed limit: We know some drivers like to go fast, but doing so can have a negative effect on fuel economy. Once you go over roughly 60 mph, fuel economy starts to dip downward. Estimates suggest that speeding can cause a decrease in fuel economy by 5 percent at city speeds and over 33 percent at highway speeds.
  2. Use cruise control: If you have trouble following the speed limit, setting the cruise control can be an easy way to adhere to it. It can also help you avoid jerky driving that wastes fuel.
  3. Careful driving: Like we said above, using the cruise control can help you avoid jerky driving, but you won’t be able to use it all the time. Any other time, be sure to be smooth with your driving maneuvers and avoid excessive acceleration or heavy braking.
  4. Don’t idle: Unless your owner’s manual recommends it in the winter, try to avoid idling, as it’s only a waste of gas.
  5. Plan ahead: Planning out your route for errands or trips is simple, but few drivers actually do it. Use the navigation in your vehicle or on your phone, or just plan your route ahead of time, to optimize fuel efficiency.
  6. Don’t carry your belongings in your car: Other than emergency kits or other items necessary for travel, avoid using your vehicle as a place to store your belongings. It just adds additional weight, negatively impacting your gas mileage.
  7. Monitor tire pressure: There are many reasons for maintaining proper tire pressure, and fuel efficiency is one of them. Fluctuating temperatures can affect this, so be especially mindful of your tire pressure when the seasons change.
  8. Use the right oil: If you do oil changes yourself, make sure you’re using oil recommended by the manufacturer. Volkswagen for example, estimates your fuel economy can improve by 1 to 2 percent when using VW recommended oil as opposed to the wrong oil.
  9. Keep your filters clean: If you have a dirty air filter, replacing it with a clean one could actually boost acceleration times by an estimated 6 to 11 percent.
  10. General maintenance: In general, keeping your vehicle well maintained can help you avoid unwanted fuel efficiency dips. According to Volkswagen, fuel savings information from even suggest that vehicles that are out of tune or failed an emissions test can improve their fuel economy by an average of 4 percent simply by fixing the problem.

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As you can see, it may not be possible to magically improve your car’s gas mileage, but keeping it well maintained and driving carefully can help you get the most out of your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Be sure to return to the Volkswagen Santa Monica blog for more.

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