Fine Tune Your Driving Experience Using the VW Dynamic Chassis Control

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How to Use Volkswagen Dynamic Chassis Control in the golf r

How to Use Volkswagen Dynamic Chassis Control

Driving a car engineered for sporty and thrilling performance isn’t just about a powerful engine or sport-tuned suspension. Models like the Golf GTI and Golf R also have the available Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), allowing you to have the driving experience you want. If your model has these capabilities, then you’ll surely want to understand how to use the Dynamic Chassis Control.

The Dynamic Chassis Control, also known as Adaptive Chassis Control, helps you adjust your driving experience by modifying the suspension for each of the vehicle’s wheels. Adjustments can be made in real time in order to suit the road conditions, acceleration, steering or braking. This means, as the driver, you can operate in more than one running gear configuration, which includes components like axles, suspension, steering and brakes.

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What are the Volkswagen DCC driving modes?

So, how exactly can you put this system to use? The DCC allows you to select between three different driving modes. One of those modes is simply the Normal mode, but the other two are Sport and Comfort.

Sport: Stiffer dampers and direct steering feel for an even more exhilarating driving experience.

Comfort: Delivers a smooth driving experience for when you want an easy drive or are going on a long trip.

Normal: Offers some middle ground between the two driving modes above.

You can switch between these three driving modes through the vehicle’s touchscreen interface. From the DCC/Driving mode screen, press “Adjust” in the top right. Then, next to “DCC,” you can choose between Normal, Comfort or Sport modes from the dropdown menu.

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There are plenty of components on the Golf GTI and Golf R that deliver power and refined performance, but now that you know how to use Volkswagen Dynamic Chassis Control, you’ll find that this system is unique in that it allows you to choose how the vehicle feels while driving it. Be sure to return to the Volkswagen Santa Monica blog for more stories of interest.

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