How to Connect to Android Auto

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Car-Net App-Connect works together with Android Auto to deliver your preferred apps across compatible phones directly to your vehicle’s dashboard. Read on to learn about the key steps you must take before connecting Android Auto. It’s a piece of cake once you get going!

1. Make Sure You Have a Google Sign-In on Your Phone

You’ll need to have the proper Google credentials on your compatible smartphone, so make sure that you create an account and confirm that you’re ready to go before accomplishing the next steps.

2. Download the Android Auto App from the Google Play Store

The Google Play store is the central repository of all apps available for your Android device. Visit the store and download the Android Auto App. Directly access the app’s store page here.

3. Plug Your Device into an Available USB Port

We recommend using the charging cable that came with your phone to connect to an open USB port in your vehicle.

4. Press the App Button on Your Dashboard

Now that you’ve connected your device, press the App button on your media panel. Select Android Auto to begin the activation process.

5. Data Transfer Process

When the data transfer screen appears, select “OK” to continue. This will kick-start the transfer process from your phone to your vehicle.

6. Check Your Phone for Confirmation

At this point in the process, you should receive a confirmation message on your phone if everything has worked correctly. You must accept the connection in order to begin using Android Auto.


Android Auto will now load. You’re ready to hit the Beverly Hills roads with Android Auto!

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