How Much Can You Fit in the Volkswagen Atlas?

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2018 VW Atlas

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The new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas can comfortably seat 7 passengers , but where’s the fun in that? What about fidget spinners? I don’t know about you, but it seems a lot more informative to know the answers to these questions:

  1. How many fidget spinners can comfortably fit in an Atlas?

  2. How many VR headsets would fit in an Atlas?

  3. How many smartphones would fit in an Atlas?

  4. How many Bluetooth speakers would fit in an Atlas?

  5. How many dad hats would fit in an Atlas?

How Many Fidget Spinners Can Comfortably Fit in an Atlas?

Fidget spinners were all the rage not long ago, and you may have built up an excess of them. If you need to dump your fidget spinners in the landfill (bury them deep so they don’t come back), then you’re probably wondering how many can fit in the Atlas. To answer this question, we need to first figure out the interior volume of the 2018 Atlas . The Atlas features an interior cargo volume of 96.8 ft 3 to seat 1. A standard-issue fidget spinner measures in at 0.0023 ft 3 , meaning the Atlas can carry around 42,000 of them. Why you would want to in the first place is – well – that’s your business.

How Many VR Headsets Would Fit in an Atlas?

The average VR headset is 0.076 cubic feet, meaning that you could fit around 1,000 of them in your Atlas. Enjoy!

How Many Smartphones Would Fit in an Atlas?

The average smartphone (we won’t judge if you go with the non-fruit variety) is 0.0023 cubic feet, which means you could comfortably fit 42,000 or so in your Atlas.

How Many Bluetooth Speakers Would Fit in an Atlas?

You should be able to fit around 20,000 speakers in your Atlas. You might want to wear some ear plugs, though!

How Many Dad Hats Would Fit in an Atlas?

Ok, dad hats don’t have the same restrictions since you can fold them and layer them far more effectively than sturdier objects. You could probably fit tens of thousands of dad hats in the Atlas. The limit is your ingenuity for packing dad hats before you head off to the dad convention!

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