Does the Volkswagen Beetle Still Come With a Flower Vase?

By Product Expert | Posted in Volkswagen Beetle on Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 at 6:13 am
Does the Volkswagen Beetle Come With Flowers

Does the Volkswagen Beetle Come With Flowers

It may be 2015, but the Beetle has been the standard model for free-spirited and fun driving for decades and decades. It’s seen many changes over time, and those who reminisce about the Beetle of the past may ask, does the Volkswagen Beetle come with flowers?

The simple answer is, no. Today’s Beetle does not come with flowers… at least, not any longer. So the question is, why did the VW Beetle come with flowers?

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Why Does the VW Beetle Come With Flowers

Some Beetle models from the past could come with a small flower vase. Though the purpose for this vase could be debated, many believe it is a small nod to the popularity of the Beetle during the flower power days of the 1960s, although the availability of the vase existed prior.

vw beetle with kaferfach gloveboxIt was also just plain fun. Drivers in the past could use it to add their own personal touch to the vehicle. Usually they just added a flower, but it would certainly be possible to add a stick, a pen, a bunch of toothpicks or anything else that may have fit the owner’s personal style.

Though we’re sad that the little flower vase is no longer available for the Beetle, it doesn’t mean that the iconic model doesn’t still retain elements of its past. Though the flower vase made way, extra storage has been made available with the Kaferfach glovebox, another nod to the past. We’ve also previously talked about the heritage features included in the 2015 Beetle Classic model.

Learn more about the Kaferfach glovebox

So, does the Volkswagen Beetle come with flowers? No, not anymore. But thankfully, if you look online, you can find some available for purchase should you wish to add some flower power back into your Beetle driving experience.

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