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How to Send Text Messages with Apple CarPlay

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018


You know how the story goes: You’ll be driving along and your phone is absolutely getting lit up by incoming text messages from friends, family members, and coworkers. Given how dangerous it is to interact with your phone while driving, you’ll need an alternative solution to read messages.

The good news is that App-Connect system on your Volkswagen uses Apple CarPlay to give you the power of natural language commands and the help of Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, to give you the ability to listen to text messages and reply while on the go. Read on to learn how the system works and how easy it is to stay focused on the road while staying in touch.

How Apple CarPlay Gives You Hands-Free Interaction

Volkswagen App-Connect and Apple CarPlay works with your iPhone to send and receive text messages without risking the safety of you and your passengers:

  • Siri reads your incoming text messages to you so you don’t feel compelled to take your eyes off the road and read them.

  • If you wish to send a text message, all you have to do is let Siri know. Siri will ask who you wish to send your message to and what the content of that message should be. Then, all you have to do is speak your message and hit the send button on the wheel.

The Advanced Technology of the Volkswagen Lineup

Whether you’re cruising around Santa Monica or Beverly Hills, Volkswagen keeps you connected to friends, family members, and colleagues with a wide array of innovative technologies. Whether you’re driving the Volkswagen Tiguan down Culver City roads or taking the Volkswagen Atlas for a spin around the LA area, Volkswagen has you covered with advanced technologies.