If you want to drive a new Volkswagen, but you want to get a great deal, we encourage you to discover the benefits of the Volkswagen Sign Then Drive event. If you're going to get a good offer on a VW lease, now is the time to check out our new specials here at Volkswagen Santa Monica.

Not only will these offers help you save on a Volkswagen lease, but they make the process of getting a lease that much easier. Here's what you can expect from the Volkswagen Sign Then Drive Event:

  • $0 Down Payment: If you're concerned about producing a down payment, don't worry. With this event, no down payment is required for you to lease a VW from us.
  • $0 First Month's Payment: When you lease a vehicle through the Volkswagen Sign Then Drive event, your first month's payment is covered by this offer. So you can have the freedom to enjoy and adjust to your new vehicle without concerning yourself with the payment.
  • $0 Security Deposit: On top of all the other savings, you don't need to put down a security deposit when you lease with this event.
  • $0 Due At Signing: So when you lease through the Sign Then Drive event, you don't need to put anything down when you sign, and you can drive away from our lot in your new VW vehicle.

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Want to learn more about these special offers? Please give us a call here at our VW dealership near Inglewood. Our staff can help you understand these offers and walk you through the process.

We hope to hear from you soon here at our Volkswagen dealership in Santa Monica. And reach out to us if you'd like to take a test drive.

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