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Get Top Performance with the Volkswagen Golf GTI

Monday, November 28th, 2016
2017 volkswagen golf gti grille

What Does Golf GTI Stand For?

No doubt that you have heard of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, but do you know what the GTI stands for? The automotive industry likes using acronyms to describe various models whether it pertains to its intent, its design or any other reason that could be behind it. In the case of the Golf GTI, the GTI acronym signifies something to do with its performance aspect. The GTI usually stands for something along the lines of Grand Touring Injection, Gran Turismo Iniezione or some other variation of that term. In the end, it is used to signify the inclusion of a fuel injection system.   (more…)

2017 VW e-Golf Improves Driving Range and Features New Technology

Thursday, November 17th, 2016
2017 vw e-golf

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf vs 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

The 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf debuted at Automobility LA and for the new model year, the e-Golf features an improved driving range, more power and new features. The Volkswagen e-Golf is a pure electric vehicle that requires no fuel. With the impressive boost in driving range, customers can now go further than ever in the 2017 VW e-Golf. No only did Volkswagen increase the value by increasing driving range but the 2017 e-Golf also features more power, new infotainment options, an updated Driver Assistance package and a redesigned front and rear end.   (more…)

New Features on the 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Friday, November 11th, 2016
2017 vw golf gti

2017 VW Golf GTI vs 2016 VW Golf GTI

The Golf family is the most popular group in the Volkswagen lineup and the Golf GTI is known as the “hot hatch” in the family. The compact hatchback not only combines the practicality and versatility of a large interior but adds a robust engine for an athletic and aggressive demeanor. What sets the Golf GTI apart from the rest of the Golf siblings is its powerful engine, a quick-shifting dual-clutch automatic transmission and a stylish interior that features near-luxury materials. When looking at how the 2017 VW Golf GTI compares to the previous outgoing model, the new Golf GTI received a number of additional standard features as well as an all-new Sport trim option.   (more…)

All-New VW Atlas Exterior and Interior Design

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
2018 vw atlas

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Photos

Well, it is official. Volkswagen confirmed their all-new 2018 Atlas midsize SUV which will seat seven passengers. The 2018 VW Atlas will be available in Spring of 2017 and though we have a while to wait until the all-new SUV arrives here are some photos of the Atlas that show the exterior and interior design on the midsize SUV. The Atlas is larger than any other Volkswagen on sale in the U.S. and it measures in at 198.3 inches long, 77.9 inches wide and 69.6 inches high. To compare the size to a current Volkswagen model, the 2017 Touareg measures in at 188.8 inches long, 76.4 inches wide and 68.2 inches high.   (more…)