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What do the Volkswagen Model Names Mean?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018
2018 VW Atlas and Tiguan Car Seat Check Honor Roll Award

At Volkswagen Santa Monica, we’ve got a wide inventory of vehicles with distinct names in our Venice area showroom, but what do they mean? Volkswagen, itself, means “the people’s car” in German, and speaks to the popularity of this brand. Many of the current model names also have interesting, unique meanings:

  • Beetle: This iconic VW vehicle received its current name from its unique shape resembling the bug — although most don’t know it was originally called the Volkswagen Type 1.

  • CC: The recently retired VW CC is one of the more straightforward VW names, meaning “Comfort Coupe”.

  • Eos: This convertible is named after the Greek goddess for dawn, since the convertible offers unbeatable views of our mountainous skyline.

  • Golf: The Golf is named for the natural occurring Gulf Stream.

  • Jetta: This name translates to “jet stream,” hinting at its sporty performance.

  • Tiguan: This spacious SUV’s name comes from a combo of “tiger” and “leguan”, which means “iguana” in German.

  • Touareg: This VW SUV was named after the nomadic Tuareg people of the Saharan desert — encouraging you to go on adventures to new destinations.

Find the Volkswagen That Best Fits You

At Volkswagen Santa Monica, we have a great selection of new and used Volkswagen models for drivers from Culver City to Silver Lake and throughout the surrounding LA areas. Contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom, so you can test drive these Volkswagen models and learn about how to finance your new vehicle.

Enjoy Comfortable Highway Driving By Learning How to Use the 2016 Touareg’s Cruise Control

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
How to Use 2016 Volkswagen Touareg Cruise Control

How to Use 2016 Volkswagen Touareg Cruise Control

The Touareg is a sophisticated model equipped with plenty of features to enhance your driving experience. Though many high tech features can be found, one simple feature that you will likely get a lot of use from is the Touareg’s cruise control. Learning how to use the 2016 Volkswagen Touareg cruise control is simple with a little bit of guidance.


Choose Your Next SUV by Examining the Differences Between the 2015 VW Tiguan vs 2015 VW Touareg

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015
Differences Between 2015 VW Tiguan vs 2015 VW Touareg

Differences Between 2015 VW Tiguan vs 2015 VW Touareg

The Volkswagen Tiguan and Touareg are two of the finest SUVs on the market right now. They expertly incorporate quality Volkswagen craftsmanship into a model suited for versatility, family driving and adventure. But which one is right for you? After all, they may appear to be similar at first glance, but we will look at the differences between the 2015 VW Tiguan vs 2015 VW Touareg to help you find the right model for your needs.