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Get a $1,000 “Summer Smile” Bonus on Select Volkswagen Models!

Monday, July 23rd, 2018
Smile and Drive Days Title, Blue VW Tiguan, Silver VW Atlas, and Blue VW Jetta

July 2018 Volkswagen Smile and Drive Days Sale Santa Monica CA

Are you on the hunt for a bargain on a Volkswagen car or SUV during July 2018? Do you live in West Los Angeles? If so, then you’ll be very pleased with the Smile and Drive Days sale at Volkswagen of Santa Monica, with low financing rates, favorable lease terms, and a $1,000 “Summer Smile” bonus on select VW models. (more…)

Volkswagen I.D. R Sets Record for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Friday, July 20th, 2018
Volkswagen ID R Race Car Driving on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Over the past several months, Volkswagen heavily promoted the fully-electric Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak race car — and for good reason. It is not only is a highly-capable race car, but it also signals the future with Volkswagen’s move to all-electric vehicles. (more…)

How to Connect to Android Auto

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018
Close up of Google maps on dashboard of Android Auto app in Volkswagen

Have More Questions?

Volkswagen Car-Net® App-Connect works together with Android Auto to deliver your preferred apps across compatible phones directly to your vehicle’s dashboard. Read on to learn about the key steps you must take before connecting Android Auto. It’s a piece of cake once you get going!

Use VW Car-Net® App-Connect to Link with Android Auto

1. Getting Started: Download the Android Auto App

If you’ve downloaded any apps to your Android smartphone in the past, you possess Google credentials that you can keep using. If you haven’t, you’ll need to create an account and log in. Then simply visit the store and download the Android Auto App. In a hurry? You may directly access the app’s store page here.

2. Connect with a Charging Cable

Use the charging cable that came with your Android device to connect to any open USB port in your vehicle. Turn on your vehicle’s infotainment interface, and make sure your phone is on and unlocked. Your vehicle’s lights and interfaces should be on, but your engine should remain off.

3. Select “Menu” and “App-Connect”

Just to the right of your infotainment screen, you’ll find a button labeled “Menu”. After you press this hard key, you’ll be able to select “App-Connect” in the middle of the touchscreen.

4. Choose Your Connection and Find Your Device

Pressing “App-Connect” will take you to another menu. Here, you’ll want to press “Setup,” located near the bottom-right of the touchscreen. The default setting is “MirrorLink,” an OS-neutral smartphone interface. Select “Android Auto” instead.

Since you’ve already connected your compatible smartphone using the charging cable, you can then immediately press “Device List,” and select your phone.

5. Start the Data Transfer Process

When the data transfer screen appears, select “OK” to continue. This will kick-start the transfer process from your phone to your vehicle. It might take a moment, but you’ll soon enjoy complete integration with your smartphone and your vehicle.

6. Enjoy All Android Apps on Your VW Display!

When the process is complete, check your phone for confirmation! You’re ready to enjoy all of your favorite apps on your easy-to-see VW touchscreen display.

After you’ve made the initial link, VW App-Connect® Bluetooth® allows you to connect without the clutter. Whether you decide to connect with the cord, or without, you’ll enjoy all of your favorite features on the go, as soon as you start your engine!

Can I Pair My Phone with the VW Bluetooth® App?

Prior to the invention of VW Car-Net® App-Connect, the easiest way to connect a compatible smartphone to your vehicle was with the VW Bluetooth® app. Today, virtually all new Volkswagen vehicles near Hollywood continue to offer Bluetooth® connectivity as a standard feature.

Although it doesn’t offer the same range of functionality as connecting to Android Auto, connecting to the VW Bluetooth app is a simple, streamlined way to start enjoying your favorite music and podcasts right away. It’s easy to do in any Bluetooth-compatible model.

Here’s how to connect to the Bluetooth® app  in a Volkswagen:

  1. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth® setting is turned on. You can usually find this feature in “Settings.”
  2. Make sure that your vehicle is parked, and turn the key to the “On” position. (Your lights should be on, but your engine should not be.) Then, search for “VW Phone” in your device’s list of compatible devices.
  3. Select “VW Phone” from that list, and you should connect right away! Once you’ve paired, it will ask you if you’d like to connect automatically in the future.

Are you having trouble connecting to Bluetooth® in a Volkswagen? If you’ve connected to the VW Bluetooth app in the past, the problem likely has to do with your pairing settings. Go into the Bluetooth folder on your phone, locate “VW Phone,” and “Forget” the pairing. Then reconnect using the same method identified above.

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Whether you’re interested in the technologies of the Volkswagen Tiguan or the Volkswagen Atlas, here at VW we offer a truly revolutionary automotive experience.

Finally, we want to make sure that you understand how to avoid distracted driving — and connecting to Android Auto using VW Car-Net® App-Connect can help you to avoid this serious problem. Visit us today at Volkswagen Santa Monica to experience Android Auto for yourself!

Where to Find Dog Parks near Santa Monica CA

Monday, July 16th, 2018
Dog Parks Santa Monica-Area and Two Dogs Relaxing by a Car Window

Treat your dog to some fresh air and exercise. Take it to a dog park in the Santa Monica-area!  (more…)

Best Hiking Near Los Angeles

Monday, July 9th, 2018
People enjoying a delightful nature hike


Whether you’re a casual adventurer or a hard-core hiker, the Santa Monica and larger Los Angeles area provides plenty of chances for you to get away from the city and enjoy the natural splendor of the region. Here are some of our favorite hikes for residents and visitors in the Beverly Hills or Marina del Rey areas. After you’ve worked up an appetite, check out our Beverly Hills restaurant choices!

Fryman Canyon Park

Nestled in the eastern section of Santa Monica Mountains north of Mulholland Drive is Fryman Canyon Park. This park has a lot to offer visitors, including wonderful views, scenic hiking trails, and a fitness course. You’ll find Dearing Cross Mountain Trail, open to hikers, equestrians, and leashed dogs.

Franklin Canyon Park

Franklin Canyon Park spans a vast 605 acres right smack-dab in the middle of Los Angeles between San Fernando Valley and Beverly Hills. With a beautiful 3-acre lake, lovely duck pond, over 5 miles of hiking trails, and plenty of picnic grounds, Franklin Canyon Park offers something for everyone. You’ll find three main trails at Franklin Canyon Park: Discover Trail (0.3 miles round trip), Hastain Trail (2.3 miles round trip), and Berman Trail (1 mile to Mulholland Drive).

Topanga State Park

If you’re looking for an accessible state park within the city limits of Los Angeles, look no further than Topanga State Park. With 36 miles of trails across grasslands, forests, and stunning Pacific Ocean coastlines, there’s truly a lot to see at this beautiful park. A number of hiking trails are present, including Musch Trail, Eagle Spring, Hub Junction, Temescal Fire Road, Backbone Trail, and Santa Ynez Trail among others.

Getty View Park

At Getty View Park, you’ll find a 2.9-mile trail that offers lovely wildflowers and is accessible to many skill levels from beginner to advanced. You’ll also enjoy the views! Check out Getty View Park if you’re into great views and wildlife.

O’Melveny Park

Last but not least is O’Melveny Park. This park offers picnic tables, a great hiking trail, and a jogging path. It is open Monday through Sunday from dawn to dusk, so be sure to pay a visit today!

What accessories does the 2019 Jetta offer?

Friday, July 6th, 2018
Front View of Orange 2019 VW Jetta

The redesigned 2019 VW Jetta really stands out from the crowded compact sedan segment with its sleek styling, pleasing driving dynamics, and a multitude of premium features. If you’d like to stand out even more in the new Jetta, you can equip it with Genuine Volkswagen Accessories. (more…)

2019 Volkswagen Arteon Preview

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

The Volkswagen Group has done it again! If you were to classify the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon, it would be simple: Paragon of class. From a platinum-tier exterior design that takes cues from the great sculptures of the world The fastback look combined with LEDs, frameless windows, and stylish interior features and technologies all work together to make the Arteon a truly revolutionary automobile.

Perhaps TopGear put it best when they described the Arteon like so: “It’ll turn heads: we’ve never seen anything from VW so obviously and extravagantly styled.” Of course, it’s not all about extravagant style. Read on to see how the Arteon powers this impressive design with a top-of-the-line powertrain.

Style and Design

Volkswagen positions the 2019 Arteon as “Modern art you can really feel.” This is a fitting description for this beautiful vehicle. With roofline slopes and seamless merging between body sections, a muscular stance, and premium color options, the Arteon delivers modern art on 4 wheels.

Interior Features and Amenities

Inside, the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon creates a pleasurable driving experience for both the driver and passengers alike. You’ll find an available Dynaudio® premium sound system, 3-zone automatic climate control system, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit with a heads-up display, Car-Net® App-Connect, and a power tilting/sliding panoramic sunroof in addition to premium seating options.

Engine and Performance Specs

The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon can walk the walk, but can it talk the talk? The answer is: Yes. The 2019 Arteon features a 2.0L TSI® turbocharged engine that pumps out a thunderous 268 hp and 256 lb-ft of torque. The Arteon’s 8-speed automatic transmission takes maximum advantage of this tremendous power and works well with the available 4MOTION® all-wheel drive system and DCC® adaptive chassis control.

Release Date

We don’t have any concrete information about the exact release date of the Arteon, but you can expect it some time in the third-quarter of 2018. In the meantime, why not check out our showroom of new Volkswagen models or learn more about our dealership?